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No. 11 - Stambec

No. 11 - Stambec

Ponte di Legno / Villa Dalegno / Val di Cané / Premia / Vione / Lecanù / Villa Dalegno / Ponte di Legno

3:00 h

This pleasant tour is suitable for anyone who can ride a mountain bike. The beginning ascents represent the only difficult stretches: once you get to the top end of the wood the route becomes a wonderful ride through the marvellous mountain pastures lying on the right side of higher Valle Camonica.

Track details

  • Recommended period: june / october
  • Length: 25 km.
  • Ascent: 980 mt.
  • Average elevation: 8%
  • Average time: 3.00 h.
  • Asphalt: 27%
  • Dirt: 73%
  • Difficoltà: medium

Track description

Start is from Ponte di Legno, by the chapel of Buon Consiglio, where you take the new panoramic road that leads to the centre of Villa Dalegno. Go past the church, turn right and take the steep cobblestones up to the top of the hamlet. Then turn right again on a level stretch that recovers you from the previous toil, and take the following military road with nine regularly sloping switchbacks that climb up to Plas de Ves (1776 mt.). Pass through this enchanting clearing and continue on the forest road, which takes you to the junction to Villa Dalegno and to the following short and steep ascent to Predalbuino: only the best trained bikers will be able to climb on the saddle of their mtb. By the same-name houses you can also drink some very fresh water while admiring a stunning view on the mountains of the Adamello – Presanella range. Saddle up, proceed on a slight slope towards west up to the huts of Chigol (1.806 mt.), the one-kilometre downhill takes you to the well-known Val di Canè. Climb on the beautiful forest road on the valley bottom for little more than one kilometre up to Cortebona (1764 mt.), where you have to cross the torrent Fiumeclo, go past a farmhouse, downhill on the opposite slope of the valley and finally get to Case Saline. Here take a double bend through the houses, turn right and start the long descent that takes you to Premia and then to Vione. By the top of the hamlet, continue keeping to the left until you take the dirt road that passes through the valley and goes past the picturesque little church of St. Alessandro. As you get to Molina and Lecanù, climb up to a crucifix and proceed halfway along the mountain side on the panoramic mule track that takes you back to Villa Dalegno and then to Ponte di Legno.