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N° 73 - Adamello Super Marathon

N° 73 - Adamello Super Marathon

Laghetti di Vermiglio / P. Tonale / Ponte di Legno / Case di Viso / Rif. Bozzi / P. Tonale / Malga Verniana / Malga Boai / Laghetti di Vermiglio

8:00 h

The Adamello Super Marathon - with its ring form and its many starting points - is the route that even the most proficient mountain bikers will enjoy. The trail passes through some of the best locations of both valleys, Valle Camonica and Val di Sole. Ponte di Legno, Case di Viso, the mountain hut “Bozzi” and the ruins of numerous Austrian forts are just some of the highlights that will be encountered on this beautiful and challenging route.

Track details

  • Recommended period: june / october
  • Lenght: 76,2 km.
  • Ascent: 2.953 mt.
  • Average elevation: 10%
  • Average time: 8.00 h.
  • Asphalt: 5%
  • Dirt: 80%
  • Single track: 15%
  • Difficulty: hard

Track description

The recommended starting point is Vermiglio. However, different starting points may be chosen, as the two parts of the trail intersect in Tonale Pass, thereby creating two rings - also called  "Half Marathons"- that can be ridden in both directions and whose stages are Ponte di Legno - Tonale - Ponte di Legno or Vermiglio - Tonale - Vermiglio.
Head out from the small lakes in Vermiglio. Cross the bridge and take the dirt road that runs along the woods and leads to Tonale Pass: ride past the characteristic Masi (small, local farm holdings) of Volpaia, Poia and Stavel and ride along the creek Presanella for a short distance. You will reach the main road, which you may decide not to cross by taking the Adamello Super Marathon variant, a short uphill climb leading to the departure of the cableway used by the staff of the mountain hut “Denza”. After riding a few sections along the stream “Vermigliana”, you will find yourself on a long uphill section, surrounded by splendid fir trees. The forest thins out as you approach Tonale Pass, giving you the chance to admire the stunning views of the valley. Follow the fitness trail and you will reach Tonale Pass: near the war memorial, cross the main road and descend towards Ponte di Legno on the “Pegrà” slope,  which leads to the picnic area. If you started from Vermiglio and you want to head back to complete the Half Marathon, continue uphill on the right side towards “Malga Cadì - Ospizio San Bartolomeo”. Otherwise, continue on the “Pegrà” slope up to the restaurant “ La Tana dell'Orso”, next to which a Zeus charging point can be found - batteries must be recharged if you wish to ride towards the mountain hut “Bozzi” with an E-bike. The route then passes through Ponte di Legno, and following the signs you will reach the valley of Pezzo; in the homonymous village - where you can find the second Zeus charging point - the trail continues towards the magnificent Alpine pasture of “Case di Viso”. From there, a challenging yet beautiful military road leads to the mountain hut “Bozzi”, where you can catch your breath and visit the trenches and the small White War museum. Here you can also find the third charging point for electric bikes. You can then take the trail that leads to Tonale Pass: very impressive sections with breathtaking views over the valley. Once at the end of it, you can continue on the “Pegrà” slope if you started  from Ponte di Legno and you want to head back to complete the Half Marathon. Otherwise, if you want to ride further,  turn left towards Malga Cadì. Follow the dirt road that leads to the San Bartolomeo Hospice (La Mirandola). At the junction for Val di Strino, leave the Valbiolo road, turn right and ride downhill along the vast and scenic pastures of Tonale Pass. Near the “Mero” fort you will ride into the forest. After climbing and descending a number of times, the trail leads to the junction for the  “Zaccarana” fort: turn right and reach the entrance of the Strino valley, where the woods thin out and you can catch a glimpse of the marvellous amphitheater of the valley. After crossing the creek Strino, ride briefly along the meadows, then ride uphill through the woods to the “Malga Mezzolo”, an exceptional vantage point on the ridge Adamello-Presanella. The climb ends with a pleasant glimpse of the Val di Sole, and is followed by a quite challenging section that leads - slightly downhill - to Val Verniana. Cross the river, continue along the extensive pasture and ride past the Masi of Verniana, ride uphill on forest road to Val Saviana, then continue towards Malga Boai, where you can take a break and admire the beauty of the peaks right in front of you. A long descent on forest road enables you to reach the valley floor. Ride past the historical center of Cortina and the main  road, cross the stream Vermigliana and climb on the opposite side to the small lakes in Vermiglio